Do you have questions about energy efficient AC units?

In the modern day and age, with electricity bills being at an all-time high, it has become more important than ever before to become energy efficient. That is the only way homeowners would be able to keep their bills within an acceptable range and also make their contributions towards preserving the environment.

Therefore, when it comes to knowing more about energy efficient AC units, we have found that people do not know as much as they claim to be. On the other hand, we have also concluded that some groups have no idea about this at all. That is why it has become important than ever before to brush up your knowledge regarding these kinds of air conditioning units. It is also for this reason that we have attempted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Energy saving HVAC Chip installation

1. What is the primary purpose of air conditioning systems?

In order to know more about energy efficient AC systems, it would be good to know about the air conditioning systems in general. By identifying the primary function, it would be possible to derive how these systems could be made more energy efficient.

There are two functions which are fulfilled by air conditioning systems – moisture removal and heat removal. So even during the monsoon seasons, these systems would be working. In fact, the outside air would be passing through a cold coil to blow cold air inside the home.

2. Which is the more economical option – operating the fan on the AC or switching on one of the ceiling fans in the room?

The more economical option would be to keep your AC’s system in auto function and allowing the ceiling fans to operate. In this way, less amount of electricity would be used. On the other hand, the first option should be chosen if an electronic air filter is being used. That is because it requires a continuous flow of air.

3. Is it recommended to shut off the AC vents in rooms that are unused or closed?

If your house has been designed properly and the correct size of AC has been chosen, then this would signify that cold air would be distributed evenly throughout any room. In these kinds of cases, if you think about closing off the events, then a pressure imbalance is bound to be created. Not only that, but this could also lead to duct leakage over an extended period.

4. Is it considered to be a more energy efficient option to let the AC run in short bursts or at a constant temperature?

The job of a heat pump is two-fold. That is because it would be responsible for removing the moisture as well as the heat. So, upon switching on your HVAC system, it would require at least ten minutes for it to reach its optimal or peak level of efficiency. So, if you operate it on short bursts, then it would be exerting greater pressure on the system.

So, if you would are in Nashville and like to know more about energy efficient AC units, Nashville air conditioning repair. Please feel free to contact us, by email or by phone.

Tiffany Apple Hanging Lamps


If you’ve ever felt the need to come home and relax after a hard day’s work in the office, or to create a quite romantic evening, or you want to highlight your latest art acquisition above the mantelpiece. Or just simply trying to light up a dull area, then you should probably think about unique wall sconces, since they can do all this for you and more.

Nothing does the job for creating the right ambiance like the right kind of lighting and tiffany apple hanging lamps give you several options to exploit the interplay between light and color to create a brilliant atmosphere. The light generated by sconces comes from a bulb, which is mirrored off the reflective surface of the sconce as well as the surface on which it is focused on.

This is where wall scones can be so versatile in their utility, since different surfaces and different types of sconces can be used to create a plethora of gorgeous effects. For example, on a color absorbing surface, light from the sconces will blend with the surface color to provide a softened hue as backdrop whereas on a reflective surface, the mission style floor lamp can give an environs swathed in light.

If one were to shop for wall sconces online, they may come across as many as 20 categories or even more; such as the traditional art décor types in several different finishes from wrought iron to golden, with support structures ranging from swing arms to down arms etc. On first glance, the sheer variety of wall sconces can be slightly overwhelming, but one can easily narrow down the list of choices by determining their own needs first.

Some of the questions that should come to mind when shopping for wall sconces include, what is the lighting task I want to accomplish? What is the mood I would like to generate? What is the current lighting situation in the room, including light that may come in from windows and doors? How high is the ceiling, how wide is the wall etc. You can find the answers to all these questions by simply using a handheld flashlight and pointing it up, down, sideways, near or away from the surface in order to ascertain what kind of wall sconce will work for you.

Although installing sconces is usually easy enough to make it a “do it yourself” job, especially when most wall sconces install in a similar way, you may need to take a look at the wiring plans of your place. And if you see that the wiring needs to be modified or upgraded, it’s best to hire a professional to do the installation. You will also need the services of a professional if the sconce requires a dimmer or special switch.

Apart from these, the other factors you should take into consideration when choosing wall sconces include some of the technical aspects such as the type of bulb the sconce uses, whether you want sconce with a timed module that turns the sconce on and off automatically etc. To conclude, Sconces can be great for beautifying one’s house, but can also be a major disappointment if not used in the right way. So refer to this article when you go shopping for wall sconces and you will see how these simple fixtures can bring warmth and joy to your venerated home.